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At Masreya we aim to offer our customers the diversity & beauty
of best in class handmade Quilts & Home linen products

Custom Made

Our products are sustainable & eco friendly. Sourcing high grade organic Egyptian cotton & linen to create our designs from stitching together fabrics inspired by age old traditional art forms and driven by the characteristic freedom of expression inherent in modern designs aesthetics.

Every piece is created to encapsulate the essence of authenticity and originality to tell a story distilled into a charming piece of decor for your home that someday may be passed down to future generations.

We are proud to be working with some of Egypt’s most skilled craftspeople and fabric suppliers to deliver the highest quality pieces of home accessories.


Our Roots

Through out Egypt’s history, both ancient and modern, women have always been at the forefront of the artisanal crafts of embroidery, tailoring and weaving. In many ways, Egyptian society and culture have been indelibly influenced, nurtured and enriched by these women and their creative energy.

Unfortunately, due to many factors impacting Egypt’s textile industry over the past 50 years, many of these women have retreated into obscurity taking with them their expertise and experience.

At Masreya, we’re proud to be collaborating with some of these talented women who still practice their craft with diligence, passion and care.

It is our belief that by reviving these bonds we can reignite our pride in all things “Handmade in Egypt”. A title we are proud to place on our products and one that we cherish and continually strive to live up to.

About us

Masreya Quilts was founded by Heba Yousri “ Founder + Chief Creative Officer” in 2013 after moving from her hometown of Cairo, Egypt & settling in South East Asia. As fate would have it, it took a journey half way across the world for Heba to discover her passion for quilting. After participating in some communal workshops with women from all over the world, Heba fell in love with quilting and thread work. She embarked on a series of academic courses and joined several social learning groups where she studied patchwork, crochet, embroidery, sewing, painting, Islamic design, leather handcrafts and interior design. The experience reaffirmed Heba’s belief in the power of art and craft to strengthen traditional communal bonds between women; connecting them to learn, grow, proposer and uplift each other. She has since tried to live and work by the same simple rule “learning and loving what you do while helping others to grow is the main key of your success & joy in life.”


We provide high-quality handmade products made
by high grade natural products